The Woodshed Project

From Forest to Frame

We're here to help you learn about your forests, how to manage them, how to utilize wood, how to create local jobs in the forestry and wood production sector, and how to get local, sustainably sourced wood into your local community. 

We empower communities to build local wood economies that are good for the environment, the community, and the economy. 

Meet the team

Katrina Amaral

Timberdoodle Farm & Sawmill

With a background in wildlife biology and land conservation, I now work at the intersection of conservation and industry to strengthen sustainable solutions to timber sourcing. If you have ever looked at a building and thought, I wonder where all of this wood originated, let's connect! Based in New Hampshire, started Timberdoodle Farm and Sawmill in 2013. 

Malloree Weinheimer

Chickadee Forestry LLC

I started out in conservation and forest ecology research, which has led me down the path to figure out how we can reduce our carbon footprint and make use of what is locally available in our forests to both improve forest health and create useful local products. Based in Washington state, started Chickadee Forestry in 2018. Now 14 years in forestry and rural community development. 

Work With US

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